Physical therapy

WHAT is physical therapy?

It is the physical therapist's job to help patients get back to healthy living through improving and restoring mobility and movement. Physical therapy is often an option to avoid surgery, and therapists offer education and insight involving recovery so the patient fully understands the process of his or her rehabilitation.


Physical therapists treat injuries that occur in the workplace, through sports or even those as a result of accidents or daily activities. Our physical therapist offers a thorough assessment of the injury and provides treatment options appropriate for the injury and the patient's ability. The following are examples of injuries that may be treated with physical therapy:
• Back Injuries
• Knee Injuries
• Shoulder Injuries
• Rotator Cuff Injuries
• Work-related Injuries
• Joint Pain
• Accident Injury

While this list certainly isn't exhaustive, it provides common injuries and ailments. Our physical therapist has experience dealing with all levels of injuries, from ankle sprains to severe back pain.


Like chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy can cause the patient to feel sore or fatigued. Patient should communication with their physical therapists to ensure they are appropriately addressing pain.